All units are fitted with reliable- imported controls and safety devices for trouble-free and automatic operation.

Chillers are designed and manufactured with the latest engineering standards having space-efficient, compact and robust design.

  • Mode of Operation- Online / Offline
  • Water Inlet Temperature + 27 C to 32 C, Water Outlet Temperature + 13 C to 17 C




Automatic Grade Automatic
Type Box
Refrigeration Capacity 2 TR
Chilled Water Flow LPH 400 – 500
Pump HP 1/2 HP CRI
Dimension in mm
Power Supply Single Phase



SR No Products Features
1 Box Structure Ø CR Sheet 1.5 mm with Powder Coated.
2 Compressor Ø Hermitically Sealed Compressor Significantly Reducing Energy Consumption and Noise Level.

Ø Make- Emerson

3 Condenser (Air cooled) Ø Large Inner Grooved Copper Tubes Condensing Coil with Aluminum Fins.


4 Drier Filter Ø Drier Filter Eliminates the Impurities and Moisture in the Refrigerant Gas and Avoid Choking Problem.

Ø Make- Danfoss/ DRY ALL FILTER

5 Chiller Imported brazed plate heat exchanger for Highly Efficient Heat Exchange.

Make- KAVRI/ Alfa Laval / Bavde

6 Water Pump For Circulating water.  Make- CRI
7 Safety Interlocks Ø Antifreeze Controller- Protect the BPHE Leakage Due to Freezing because of Low water flow or No flow of water.

Ø Digital Temp. Controller- Indicates Output Chilled Water Temp.

Ø VMR- Protects from Voltage Fluctuation(Over Voltage and Under Voltage)

Ø Pressure Gauge- Indicating Gas Pressure



8 Refrigerant Ø R 22


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